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Essential first steps to ensure sustainability

Strategies oriented to boost governance and integrate environmental and social issues in business

We support companies and leaders in their ESG initiatives from the start, understanding the current maturity degree, culture, and awareness level of the organizations.

For organizations that are more advanced in this journey, we develop a process from sample diagnosis, scenario analysis, risk and opportunity assessments, governance of metrics and indicators, and integration of ESG risks to the Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), according to the specific materiality of each company.

ESG is not the destination, but a journey.

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Diagnostic sampling

Scenario  analysis

Survey on risks and opportunities

Governance of metrics and indicators

Integration of ESG risks into Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

Generating impact on the client’s value chain



  • Raise the level of governance with the integration of ESG initiatives
  • Encourage collaborative and multistakeholder governance
  • Impact the entire value chain to make an effective transformation
  • Contribute to the business perpetuation and continuity

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The Global Compact is a UN initiative to mobilize the business community to adopt and promote, in their business practices, ten universal principles in the areas of human rights, work, environment, and anti-corruption.

Bravo ESG is proud to be a signatory of the Global Compact Network Brazil. In addition to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the ten universal principles, we are committed to walking alongside organizations that are in their first steps towards integrating ESG practices into business.

Promoting solutions to climate issues is becoming increasingly urgent for companies, regardless of their size and industry.

The Green Treasure Seal, from Grupo BMV, is an effective way to put the organizations’ climate agenda into practice. Through forest credits, companies can offset their carbon emissions by generating a positive net impact for society, the Brazilian economy, and the environment.

Your company can start the climate agenda with the Green Treasure Seal, within one of your carbon offset strategies. Contact us for more information.

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