The best GRC Platform

We are present to deliver assured results with integrated solutions for companies of different segments, in Brazil and around the world. This supports our experience and reliability. We have the best team and the best GRC platform: everything to transform today’s and tomorrow’s business.

Risk Management

Beyond intuitive, BWise® Risk Management solution is highly customizable. Therefore, it covers all stages of the risk management process, including: Risk Identification, Risk Assessment, Key Risk Indicator/ Management of Metrics, Incident & Loss Management, Action Management, and Panels & Reports.

The wide range of setting options is a huge advantage with respect to customized codes, given its flexibility, quick implementation, and rapid adjustment to risk management requirements.

Third-Party Management

Contracting third-parties is recursive to any operation, and structuring its management is vital to the business. The challenge is to structure the processes properly and, once again, GRC technology pays off.


This technology enables users to mitigate risks, identify laws and regulations, and monitor processes and proceedings in real-time, in addition to enabling and assisting the creation of action plans to determined situations.

Internal Audit

The Internal Audit software is complete, rich in functionalities, intuitive, and powerfully capable of generating reports.

In addition, it provides support at every stage of the audit cycle, comprising maintenance of this system, its planning, its preparation, management of documents, reports, and, finally, the search for and tracking of problems.

Internal Controls

An effective Internal Control software solution is a key factor to strong operational development. Therefore, it is necessary to leave behind the administrative overload, complex reports, and low visibility – a really challenging journey.

For this reason, it is important to ensure that financial reports are highly reliable and assisting companies to achieve their purposes always in compliance.

Cyber Risk

BWise® Information Security assists organizations, in an optimized manner, to operationalize, maintain, and continuously enhance their Information Security programs, thus standing at the top of all platforms, policies, procedures, and regulations applicable to this topic.


BWise® developed a complete Corporate Governance solution. After all, in the current scenario, this major topic requires a comprehensive GRC initiative that decreases the management complexity factor it involves.

The key to that lies in the internal control procedures that must ensure that the company achieves its goals with respect to reliable financial reports, operational efficiency, and compliance with laws and regulations.

Information Security

Information security is still at the forefront of organizational concerns. After all, as technology is being developed, the probability of undesired risk events increases. The relationships with suppliers and third parties also challenge risk management programs to keep up-to-date and to monitor the whole range of threats.

Information technology must cooperate and support tasks like Management of Obligation-related Policies, Asset Management, Internal and External Regulations, Operational Risk Management, Business Continuity, Supplier Management, and Threat & Vulnerability Management.

Product Governance

The tool is integrated and enables an effective management of products, and, thus, the business itself.

Data Feed

The solution allows managing Data Feed in an integrated manner, enabling the supervision of changes and assets, and a continuous monitoring of compliance levels.

Model Risk

BWise platform supports a wide range of business models. That’s why we’ve created several learning paths that shall correspond to their function and the models licensed in your BWise platform. All you need is to access BWise platform and take full advantage of it for your business.


BWise platform enables the integration of several ecosystems, and is also used for implementing the channel of communication with the Office of the Ombudsman.

Business Continuity

By implementing BWise, a company can make progress in guaranteeing business continuity.