Rebranded Bravo GRC presents itself as the New GRC Era

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Bravo GRC, a local BWise partner and world leading Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC) solution, presented today its new position in the market and a brand new visual identity created by the group Tutto Branding e Comunicação.

Led by Claudinei Elias, the company now presents itself as the New GRC Era, purpose of which is to provide technology and attitudes transforming today’s and tomorrow’s world business. “In order to do so, we’ve got the best team implementing the best technology”, asserted Elias.

The new identity has been presented to the collaborators and will be launched in the market in a few days. In addition to the brand manifesto and corporate purpose, both created by Tutto Branding e Comunicação, supported by Bravo GRC Marketing and Communication team, a new visual identity was presented, in different colors, fonts, and symbols.

The symbol designed reflects the company’s principles. The starting point is the check mark, which is cross-referred to compliance, approval, and validation. The line resembles a chart, which is transformed when it crosses the symbol, resulting in two ascending diagonals. The new two main colors of the company are petrol, which brings a touch of technology, and coral, the Color of the Year according to Pantone, something unique.

“Our major challenge in this project was to rebrand Bravo GRC according to a new identity already defined by the company – The new GRC Era. Through the branding workshop, we and Claudinei Elias explored what was behind this new identity, and then we could increase our knowledge on the business and the product. Using such information, we could determine the purpose, then we listed the brand’s features, defined what the brand does and how, as well as its tone. Having finished this content, we could write the brand manifesto and its sales pitch. Finally, once the verbal identity was developed, designing a new visual identity to the brand was decisive”, said Cássia Aulísio, Tutto Branding e Comunicação CEO, who added: “We’re sure that now, besides having the best team and the best platform, Bravo GRC also has its personality expressed in the brand with all resources required to build and strengthen its position in the market.”

Source: AD PRess Magazine

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