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Bravo GRC, an exclusive BWise partner in Brazil and Latin America – the most complete GRC tool in the market – invests in good quality content to stimulate companies’ awakening to the need of intelligent GRC management. Thiago Labliuk, the company’s Head of Innovation and New Business, has been working to raise awareness, in the market, of meritocracy in practice and the dangers arising from the Heroes of Chaos, professionals whose capacity is directed to a purpose that tends to diverge from the company’s purpose, or, by definition, that is a consequence of inefficiency.

Meritocracy without governance, res …


I still believe this is one of the main tools to retain talents or to increase teams’ productivity. By definition, this term is related to the organization model and a reward system based on personal merits. Therefore, the background I’d like to be preceding this text regards the way this model is implemented and monitored, and how we can assess the risks it involves, in order to maximize the value added to all elements involved: shareholders, employees, and society.

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Former executive officer at Avianca, Fabrício Angelin is the new chief executive officer, filling the position previously held by Roberto José Maris de Medeiros.