Bravo GRC Head of Innovation and New products talks about the Heroes of Chaos

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SÃO PAULO, May 31, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Bravo GRC, an exclusive BWise partner in Brazil and Latin America – the most complete GRC tool in the market – invests in good quality content to stimulate companies’ awakening to the need of intelligent GRC management. Thiago Labliuk, the company’s Head of Innovation and New Business, has been working to raise awareness, in the market, of meritocracy in practice and the dangers arising from the Heroes of Chaos, professionals whose capacity is directed to a purpose that tends to diverge from the company’s purpose, or, by definition, that is a consequence of inefficiency.

According to him, most of the managers believe the human factor is the most important resource to enable the development of value-adding strategies. “Given this premise, it’s essential that the brand manifesto and/or the company’s macro strategy are widespread in all operational levels in order to promote greater engagement among the teams and achieve more assured results, working so there is a sense of owning and pride for being part of the group. However, in everyday life, are we sure the tasks performed by operational teams meet the shareholders’ expectations?”, Labliuk teases.

There is a high probability of operational inefficiency in lack of connection between the areas’ and the company’s purposes. According to him, we quite often find scenarios in which employees stand out delivering results or solving issues caused by operational inefficiency, whether in lack of well-defined frameworks, strategies, or management. “Picture a scenario in which we have frameworks operating in order to conduct some form of Conciliation, followed by other team that conducts the Reconciliation. Now picture a framework that conducts the Reconciliation of the Reconciliation. Yes, it happens.”

We should also pay attention to information Technology (IT) initiatives, for their teams are expanding to error correction rather than to new business. Some people defend them based on strong arguments. In this sense, we have our Heroes of Chaos.

Additionally, Labliuk states that, in many cases, there may be an internal dissatisfaction among the professionals or teams that are aligned with the company’s strategy and have adjusted targets, but their achievement does not impact on marketing that much to be a “Savior”, who “put out a huge fire”. Having a well-structured monitoring process for performance indicators (targets) and risks is essential for eliminating the excess from this heroic image and emphasize the results actually planned.

It is complex to identify and manage this context as a whole, but there is a successful path to this. “The path certainly has an arduous initial stage, as the ‘rubber stamp’ meetings must be over (meetings in which everything is always aligned and lacks a concrete solution); in successful cases, undoubtedly, the top management must always require control areas (Risk, Internal Controls, Compliance, Internal Audit, Inspectorate, Ombudsmanship, Information Security) to be completely independent of business areas, and to be able to point out (without hesitation) opportunities for improvement and inputs for a more efficient decision-marking.”

Thiago believes there is no need to reinvent the wheel. In this case, the success factor is to understand the phase the company is experiencing in order to apply a realistic cascading mechanism to strategic purposes, as well as an independent target system, with clear metrics and risk management. “We can’t settle for a 4×4 racing in circles if the company’s purpose was to have a Ferrari”, he concluded.

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